About Us.

Streamflow is a token distribution platform that enables organizations (and individuals) to distribute tokens in a simple and straightforward manner.

Our initial suite of products includes a protocol for streaming payments and solutions for token vesting and progressive payroll. In addition, we offer one-to-many payments, automatic withdrawals to the recipient wallet as well as multi-sig vaults soon.

Our aim is to make these services widely adopted by being the payment "rails" and enabling seamless integration of our services within other applications. Starting with Solana ecosystem, then expanding cross-chain and onboarding traditional (web2) projects.

We are dedicated to utilizing blockchain technology advancements to stay at the frontline of a financial shift taking place in the world.

The Opportunity.

We believe value distribution in the form of token vesting and payment streaming are important components for driving the next stage of growth in blockchain adoption.

People are seeking faster ways of doing everything including getting paid faster and more conveniently, and we believe there is an opportunity to build truly innovative and transformational products leveraging the technology infrastructure built by the Streamflow team.

There are numerous use-cases for integrating streamflow SDK in a composable fashion with other protocols and projects.

Here is a list of ideas that you can review and help spark your imagination with the endless possibilities of composing with Streamflow SDK.

Why build on streamflow.


Streamflow Developer Grant.