Streamflow is growing!

We have more engineers with different skillsets.

We need domain ownership split among team members in order to scale and accumulate expertise and experience efficiency increase from having more team members!

Lead Engineer is a product-oriented, people-focused, highly-technical engineer with managerial duties responsible for being a technical lead and making (and keeping) the engineering team happy, motivated, knowledgeable, and on track.

In layman terms, one could say that there is 50/50 split between technical (individual contributor) and people (managerial) duties in the beginning, with the expectation to increase people management duties as time passes and team size increases.

We’re looking to increase the quality and efficiency of the engineering team and overall company.


  1. Top-notch Dev (Frontend, Backend, Blockchain, or Full-stack)

    1. Hands-on development in order to get to OWN the codebase and our systems and gain trust and reputation among existing engineers.
  2. Leadership

    1. Works closely with the leadership to create and understand high-level, and cross-team efforts and pass these efforts to engineers.
    2. Works with CEO to set up engineering organizational infrastructure.
    3. Communicates clearly and regularly to other stakeholders (team leads and engineers, and (occasionally) customers) and keeps them accountable.
  3. Hiring

    1. Hiring engineers, with CEO and other engineers consulted,
    2. firing (if needed).

    Deliverables: Role planning, Job Descriptions / Scorecards, Interview tasks, understanding the headcount

  4. People

    1. Performance, motivation, and vibe: tracking, measuring and improving.
    2. Onboarding of new engineers and continuous support.
    3. Managing dev agencies and external dev consultants.

    Deliverables: Onboarding documents up to date (refined after each new engineer goes through them), regular 1on1s, with outputs

  5. Product-oriented problem solving

    1. Works with Marketing and BD team to translate leads’ (or existing customer’s) problems and questions into product features (and tech strategy)
  6. Processes (technical)

    1. Holds Technical debt manageable,
    2. Improves technical processes Deliverables: guides, how-tos, coding practices, weekly technical engineering meetings